Apple’s iPhone…

so I watched as it was unveiled earlier today and I was so excited. It is amazing. I have rocked the nokia 3650 for years, and recently I have been rocking the moto v878, which is lame, but small and works fine, enough, for a phone. I have been in the market for a new phone for a while, but I was waiting to see the apple offering. The Nokia N series was the ones I had been eyeing, but I really want wifi on the next phone I get.

I knew that the apple phone was going to be cool, but I didn’t imagine it would be this cool. I was sitting there ready to order it up on the spot until they got to the ‘cingular’ part. I REALLY don’t want to dump tmobile. seriously. weak. Why does it need to be exclusive? I hate that. The only thing they need it for is the visual voicemail, which is fine, but as far as I can imagine, it is a pretty layer over IMAP email. I mean, it is cool, but I am not THAT impressed with it. But as a friend pointed out, if you had to screen LOTS of voicemail, it would be nice. I don’t get that much voicemail. or rather, I just don’t ever listen to it.

But yeah, I keep coming back to the iPhone. I keep checking plans on cingular’s site. I keep looking at the Nokia N Series. And I keep coming back to one thing:

All the other phones suddenly suck.

Seriously. I mean the iPhone’s interface is SO nice, that even the best Symbian stuff is lame. Let alone the motorola clunky menu system. Palm OS is still stuck in 1996. And I won’t run a Win based phone, not that I think it is a great interface either. The transitions are amazing. It is like a fancy flash website that is done CORRECTLY. The touch screen interface should pan well, since Apple cares enough about that to not mess around. The screen quality in terms of pixels per inch is supposedly insane.

And what can I do? Seriously, switching to cingular is my current option. OR… they are saying release in the US in june, so lets say that is q3. Europe, q4. I doubt that there will be a europe exclusive carrier, since europe doesn’t really work that way. So I would wager there will be a carrier agnostic version by next xmas/early 2008. I guess I could wait for that. And in all honesty, we are taking about an extra 3-4 month wait, I can do that.

But man. The other phone builders need to get their rear in gear. Even the best nokia hardware is going to suck unless there is a major software update.

I must have watched the iPhone minisite videos 5 times already. I am impressed. I want one sooooo bad.

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