Apple Fingered Me

So I have had this iPhone for a little while now, and I have gotten pretty used to it.

I also have had this MacBook for a while now.

On the MacBook, you can use 2 fingers on the track pad to scroll. Obviously, 2 fingers going down on the trackpad scrolls down. Two fingers up scrolls up. Amazing. I use it all the time. Love it.

Recently though, I have noticed myself thinking ‘lets scroll down’ and my fingers 2 finger scroll up. My mind says ‘wth’ and my fingers do it right. You know how it is, it happens quickly and you you think nothing of it. It just now dawned on my it is a result of the fact that the MacBook and the iPhone do OPPOSITE motions for scrolling.

It is kinda frustrating. Opposite paradigms for the same thing. Both make sense.

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