Why am I so considerate or Why is everyone so selfish and self-centered?

This is a rant, and I apologize, but it irks me every single time I experience it, so time to rant!

I live in Chicago, which is a fairly dense city. But I am over 2 miles from downtown, so the tallest building around me is usually 3 stories, so the density is not that high. But with that kind of density, parking is clearly at a premium, and I understand this. I even pay for extra parking outside of the 2 spots that I have at my house and I am fine with that.

What I hate are people that double park. HATE it. I hate it when people do it on quiet little residential streets, but it isn’t the end of the world, because there is room to get around and one is really not blocking the flow of traffic due largly in part to the fact that there aren’t usually that many cars driving by. I hate it more when it is done on a major artery, so Ashland, a major north south street in the city that is 4 lanes plus a center lane.

The thing that often makes it more frustrating is it is almost ALWAYS done with an empty spot within a stones throw. Perhaps it is a no parking zone, or a hydrant, but it is a place you could park your car that is not impeding the flow of traffic. And really, if there is a fire, I am not sure double parking is really any better.

I can only assume that the people that do this are either too self centered to even consider parking a little further away as to not block traffic? Or perhaps, even worse, they considered it but just don’t care? Let those people go around me? Or perhaps they just don’t want to have to walk so far?

I mean how can one not feel like a giant asshole blocking all the traffic on a major road?

On my way to work today, which is what prompted this rant, I encountered an even more slefish situation. I am driving on a quiet residential street. I approach a stop sign, and none of the cars are moving. This is due to the fact that both other vehicles, a school bus and an SUV wanted to go east. However eastbound was blocked due to a double parked car that had managed to back up 4 other vehicles, one of which was another school bus. I, going north, thought oh, that is unforunate that one person is causing a problem for so many others and drive on.

I notice that traffic is not moving much northbound either, but due to the one way nature of the streets, north is looking better than east. I get up there and there is a couple loading a uhaul truck, of course double parked, blocking my northbound lane. On the southbound lane, there is a gentleman unloading a uhaul trailer, again double parked. These 2 geniuses managed to leave JUST enough room for 1 car to slalom between them. Meanwhile there are 4-5 cars in each direction that have essentially gridlocked themselves in due to the fact that southbound traffic is already stopped by the OTHER double parked car. Awesome.

To make this entire thing worse, there is a LOADING ZONE about 10 feet from where the uhaul truck is parked that is sitting empty. In fact people are using it to turn around.

So there are now about 15 cars all stopped, honking, with no place to go. Would you, as a perhaps NOT insanely selfish person, feel a little anxiety if it were you blocking the road? Would you perhaps feel a little emabarrased or al the very least uncomfortable? I would. I would feel really bad.

These 2 groups of people, who are evidently very important people, so much more important than the rest of us, but not so as important to be able to hire movers, have stopped unloading and loading their respective vehicles and are walking up to the cars and yelling at us.

Insane. Seriously. Insane.

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  1. Ari

    They? Yelled at YOU?? What a bunch of jerks. They are all lucky that you and those 15 other drivers didn’t get out of their cars and beat them to death. I’ve never seen anything like this in here in Raleigh, NC. I don’t live downtown, but I am in and out almost weekly.

    Another thing, NO ONE thought to call the CPD to handle these nuts? No one?

  2. Well, I think people ARE selfish and self-centered. Just look at history – They are ALWAYS trying to be the best, the richer, no matter what. They don’t care if you have to abuse, kill, anyone to reach their goal. Just look at Brazil or Africa, they made the Africans slaves so that they could higher their profit. Portuguese people also extracted many natural resources from Brazil, they didn’t care if they were exterminating our environment and destroying the Atlantic forest, nooo, they just wanted the money and NOTHING, was going to stand in their way! Did they ask us if we wanted to be slaves? Did they ask us if we wanted to destroy our country for money? And even if we did, the money should have been invested on US not on them. See, SOME people have always been selfish and things aren’t fair.

    I want this to change somehow, but that happened in 1500 and look at us now, we are the same. Didn’t we learn SOMETHING from the past? I’m afraid not everyone. Even in 2010, we still the same. It’s sad and even a 14 years old teenager like me can understand that. I beg you, since you know how bad it is to be selfish and self-centered, don’t be. WE STILL HAVE HOPE TO CHANGE, always. If we don’t fight, if we don’t believe, who will?…

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