too much sun… but I do love autox

I got a little sunburnt on sunday, but I think I have used enough aloe and aftersun to counter it… I hope I have done enough to avoid peeling… I usually have sunscreen in my track box, but since I drove rebecca’s car, I didn’t have the box… oh well.

I did help a buddy’s wife learn to autox though, and that is always rewarding. People are so timid with their cars in the beginning. It always amazes me that people have never pushed their cars. I obviously mean in a controlled environment, but even then you would learn stuff. I think everyone should be required to autox or something to just get a feel for tire sliding, tire squealing, and weight transfer. It would improve the people’s accident avoidance abilities… but back to the student… she wasn’t comfortable with the sliding, the noises, etc at first… she just hadn’t ever done it, but she got over it quickly, and she was sliding and squealing around in no time. It was nice to watch her confidence level increase as the day progressed and her comfort level improved. We may even see her at another event.

It is also a nice feeling of justification for myself and likely car people everywhere when you have a non car person, who has likely asked what makes those $250 tires better than the $80 tires finally realize what it is you have been spending all your money on.

I got my father to an autox a couple years ago and I rode with him and in his non modded A4 and he learned stuff. Then I took him for a ride in my modded A4, and he was like ‘now I can see where all the money for tires and suspension goes’. It was a nice feeling.

I like to see people improve in their driving abilities. It is a nice feeling.

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