the weekend is finally over…

so we were going to go to the flooring place on saturday… but I decided that we didn’t have enough time to make it there and then back before we had to get ready for the wedding… even though that was clearly not the case. Instead we slept in and I made pancakes. They turned out super super thin, so I have to get my mix ratios down, but I think it was good to learn something… although it was the easiest thing ever.

so we went to Al’s wedding saturday night… and it was nice. Mostly in polish, but we met some new people (who knows if we will ever see them again) had a good time drinking and dancing. And drinking. and drinking…. unfortunately I drank too many vodka shots and really didn’t feel as it grew time to go… so we made it home, went to sleep, then I awoke 4 hours later to go to the autox… it hurt… but it was a still a good time… I didn’t drive, but I did help out a new person get the hang of it… I also got WAY too much sun, and it was hot, and I was hungry.

And now, the weekend is over. I am still not feeling perfect. I am sunburnt. But I get to sleep. It will be nice.

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  1. bryan

    yeah, I did leave out the puking details. I was trying to be clean… I will say I did wash the car sunday evening… particularly the passenger side door, directly below the passenger side window… if that means anything to you…

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