and robs pointed out it has been a while since I updated… so word up…

got the website up, although not without much hassle from the hosting firm… but it is up… finally. I reiterate, they suck.

On to better things… I got the jetta running on saturday. Well, it wasn’t NOT running, but it was leaking coolant. Dylan and I replaced a hard pipe on the coolant system and she is running fine now. Oddly enough, Cali sat on the street for nearly 2 months (end of may to last saturday) and still started right up. That was cool. Remember that key item, it will come back in a minute. We replaced the line because on Sunday, I entered Cali into the CVO’s annual car show, Treffen.

Since Cali is hardly a PRETTY car much less a show car, I had to have some fun with it… Here are the pics… I won ‘Jetta Least Likely To Make It Home’. It was a good time. There were some nice cars there. I got a fair amount of amusement out of watching the other people laugh at my car. I was having a good time.

It did however remind me that I want to get this engine built and into the jetta so I can actually have a better running, non-leaking jetta. It would rule.

So that was the weekend for the most part. I have been working lots, due to things at work not working correctly. Stupid computers. But they seem to be coming together nicely. Monday night we went out to my parent’s house to go couch shopping and so that I could fix my mom’s computer. Her iMac died when the power went out… so I had low hopes and I think I am correct, I can’t get the machine to boot AT ALL. I will try tonight to see if I can recover the files on the hard drive. Fingers crossed.

We did find a couch and my parents threw in some money and it will be delivered tomorrow. I am excited because we NEED a couch in that room. Or something to sit on. I am of course grateful that my parents helped out, although I feel a bit… not sure of the word… extremely grateful… not uncomfortable per se… but anyway. It rules though!

But between early saturday morning, early sunday morning, being in the sun all sunday, early monday morning, shopping and computer stuff monday night, I crashed come tuesday after work.

We ordered pizza hut. Pizza hut is one of those things that I THINK I want… and I think, man, I haven’t had pizza hut in a while. So we get it. and I eat it. And I remember that I don’t like it that much. But oh well. We ordered online and ordered the new twisty bread bread stick crust thing that they have been advertising the hell out of… only to have them call me after the order and tell me they don’t have it, since it was promotional. I am not sure if it is too early, or too late, but it seemed odd. Whatever I guess. The guy that delivered it was in a Lincoln Towncar. It was kinda odd. He also spoke in a such a way that you would think a MadTV or SNL sketch comedy person would talk in. It was odd. His name badge said “team manager”. weirdo.

So the couch is coming tomorrow… and I am getting mom a new computer tonight (eMac)…

is that a good enough post robs?

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