I am feeling good…. yesterday… mason had a doctor’s appt, the work, then came home, got mason to bed, had dinner, went to the gym, then went to the grocery store and got normal stuff as well as stuff for smoothies, veggies, and stuff for work lunches. Made some veggies stir fried for a post gym snack, cleaned up the main floor, and went to bed.

This AM I got up, made smoothies, fed mason, and was at work at 9.

I like eating lunch in, since I don’t really care about the food options around me, and damn is it hard to eat a decent meal out that is remotely healthy. I mean, au ba pon (sp?) has low calories, but like 50% of the daily sodium. ok. Subway 6inch veggie patty is ok. The tofu teriyaki is good, but I can only eat that so much. Not to mention all of those cost $4-$6. So I have been making pb&j sandwiches and eating some fruit. I figure that is better, and infinitely cheaper, even when I am using whole wheat bread, real peanut butter (list of ingredients: peanuts. thats it.), and fruit spread (it is hard to find a jelly/jam/preserve that doesn’t have corn syrup in it).

So yeah, I figure that is better than what I was eating.

Work, tonight is garage. Maybe I’ll work on the car? who knows.

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