oh eBay, you bring out the worst in me…

So I admit to being a dick… in the sense that… When you sell stuff on eBay, you type in your description, etc. Then, it is up for auction. Now so long as no one has bid, you can change the description and title. Once there is a bid, however, you can’t change the title, and you can only APPEND to the description. Obviously, misspelling the company name on an item’s description can have negative effects on the traffic to your auction.

With that in mind, I have a saved search on eBay for all the misspellings of the word ‘yakima’ so that I can score a good deal on a yakima rack. So whenever a new item is listed with a misspelling, I get an email (well, 1 email with all the new listings that day). Then I go bid on them so I lock in the title so it can’t be edited. Yeah, that is the part where I am a dick.

So I see one for a Yakima ski attachment, but it is misspelled. In the title, it is ‘YAKAMA ski rack with locks’. In the description it says: “yakama ski rack for use with yackama roof rack. will carry 2 pairs of skis and lock.”

I put in a $3 bid… and hit confirm. THEN I noticed it was a $35 shipping fee, which is outrageous. I was ticked off, but not too bad. So I emailed the guy and said ~”hey, you can’t edit your listing cause I bid on it. Then I noticed your shipping. I realize this is my problem, but, how about you cancel my bid, edit your listing for more traffic. Sounds like a win win.” … he responded with “like you said…not my problem. sorry, but i could care less about the spelling.”

So now I am annoyed, not because I may win this auction for something I don’t need, but that he is so dumb. Doesn’t care about the spelling. He doesn’t spell Yakima correctly ANYWHERE on the auction, nor does he ever use the product’s name. So if someone searches for “ski rack” they will see it, other than that, nothing. He also put it in the ‘Car and Truck Parts -> Other parts’ section, not in the car rack section. I may actually win this.

I checked, I can likely flip it for about $50 or so plus shipping, so I can make a quick $15, and that isn’t a big amount of work on my part, I list stuff on eBay at work all day, so I am not too concerned about it. But since he is an idiot, I almost want to win it, get it, flip it, and send him a link to it closing at a significantly larger dollar amount. Just to be a dick.

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