Oh Crystal Meth…

So I have had a couple clutches in my car. The first one was from South Bend, and I had been working with a gentleman there named Eddie. Eddie left South Bend Clutch and created his own company, and I got a couple clutches from him.

Evidently, in the last couple months, my mechanic, amongst others, were having trouble getting Eddie to return phone calls… rumor was he was addicted to meth.

Well, here is why I guess…
4/17 lab found
4/18 ‘man’ arrested
4/19 eddie charged
4/20 another one on being charged
4/22 oh, they found the storage unit

That sucks, cause the clutch performed well. I guess my next one will be back with South Bend Clutches proper. Meth is a bad thing. It was all big in Iowa when I was in school there too. People are kinda dumb sometimes.

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