New Car Coming… 2008 Mazda5

So while we haven’t signed anything, I think we are buying a new car. We are going to sell the 2002 Toyota Camry that rebecca drives daily and replace it with a 2008 Mazda5.

The camry has been a great car overall. Although it is a bit wide and long, it has nice space in the back seat for the kids and their car seats. It has a nice sized trunk. While I think it is nearly mind numbing to drive, the ride is smooth, gas mileage is great (especially on the highway), and there is enough power to get around. Handling is crap, although it is a bit better since I replaced the stock Bridgestone Potenza RE92s with General UHPs. It would be nice to have an aux in on the stereo for the iPods, but whatever. The problem the camry has is that if we want to go out with 1 other person, we have to take 2 cars, and that is annoying. The 2 car seats in the back take up the entire backseat. The camry otherwise has the space we need to get around and really has been a great car. Aside from oil changes and the like, we have done nothing. And aside from petty vandalism (rock thrown at the car, odd dent on the trunk that appeared, and the keying of the passenger side) it is in amazing shape.

The Mazda5 is a car that has low sales, gets poor reviews because journalists can’t put it in a box, and is pretty much the perfect car for us. Although common in both europe and japan amongst others, the concept of a mini-minivan, or MPV, is not popular here. The Mazda5 is a 6 seater (although it is 7 in japan/europe) in a 2+2+2 arrangement. The 3rd row, albeit tight, can hold an adult for shorter trips. With the 3rd row up, you have virtually no trunk, but that is ok. I am not planning on bringing 6 people on a road trip, just on in town jaunts, etc. Think of it as a Mazda3 (the platform on which the Mazda5 is based and shares most components) where you can trade the trunk for 2 seats. The Mazda3 link is really the other major selling point: this is a car. It is not an SUV, or a minivan, or a hybrid. It is a station wagon with sliding doors and perhaps an identity problem. The weight is in check at 3475lbs. It is shorter then the camry by a noticeable amount, and only a bit longer than my Audi A4 wagon or my mother in laws Acura TSX. It is not lifted off the ground like an SUV. It is nimble (enough) and driving it is much more fun than the camry. Sure, it isn’t an autox car, although I might give it a shot sometime.

While we decided it might be a good car for us, and we had taken an hour long testdrive, I called around and found one to rent for the weekend last friday. We picked the black touring model up from hertz friday night and put about 250-300 miles on it over the weekend. We put the car seats in, we took trips to the store with the kids, ourselves, and other adults. We made older people sit in the way back. We carried larger items that wouldn’t have fit in the other cars easily along with our double stroller, gear, etc. I pushed it on the highway, I blared the stereo, I played with all the buttons, settings, etc. I put the clock in 24hour mode (yay!).

Conclusion: This is a great car for us. We don’t want the SUV thing because they are absurd on so many levels, not the least of which is WE LIVE IN THE CITY. Everything around us is paved. Why give up handling and fuel economy for the visual allure of off road capability? Especially when that rarely comes with the added benefit of more interior space? It is sportier than the camry while still offering a more efficient interior layout for our needs. It can carry more with the 3rd row folded than the camry, and it can carry 4 adults as well as the 2 kids with relative ease. There is even some modding potential if I can talk rebecca into it, as the Mazda3-Mazda5 connection brings with it some aftermarket support. And, optioned out as we want it, MSRP is $22,610. The only thing we are leaving on the table is the “Grand Touring” trim, which adds leather interior, bluetooth handsfree, headed seats/mirrors, rain sensing wipers (I still don’t get this, but I digress), and xenons. While I REALLY want factory xenons, and heated seats and bluetooth would be cool, I WILL NOT buy a leather interior. I ordered cloth in the Audi, and I would rather retro fit xenons as needed then have leather.

The 2008 Mazda5 gets a suite of minor upgrades, but the large plus is the addition of a 5 speed automatic replacing the 4 speed that is currently in the car, and that in and of itself is worth the wait, even though they are dealing on 2007s right now. The 2008 also gets the aux input for the iPods, which is nice too.

It also works out that the dealership my parents have bought 5 cars from in the last 10 years happens to sell Mazdas, and since my sister is replacing HER car, we have a bit of leverage for a good price. I need to get an order in for a blue one, as this will be rebecca’s first NEW car for herself, and that is the color she wants. I am already thinking about snow tires, lowering springs, relay modding, rims, tint, and a few hard wiring projects for the navigation and the V1.

While I can’t figure out exactly why the american population hasn’t embraced this market segment, I have to remind myself that I don’t understand why the average american does most of what they do, so why I would think I could understand this is beyond me. But I am glad I have the opportunity. And needless to say I’ll post some pics when we take delivery.

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  1. Hello there,
    we just moved to the US with 3 kids, we were about to buy a minivan and then I heard about the mazda 5. Unfortunately there is none to be seen in or around Philadelphia at this point. I’d like your advice: you mention that there is almost no trunk once the 3d row seats are unfolfed, do you think it is feasible to sit 5 people (not 6) and their suitcases in the Mazda5? Thanks for your answer! We still havem’t made our choice. Lorraine.-

  2. Hi, just curious why you didn’t buy your Mazda5 from Hertz? They have and Their prices can’t be beat by carmax or enterprisecarsales. I’m waiting for the right color… 🙂

    1. bryan

      Hi Mandy… At the time, none of the rental companies were selling used Mazda5s that I found, and we also decided to get a new 2008 with the 5 speed auto, which at was brand new and thus hadn’t cycled through the rental system yet. The other reason is that I have little faith in used rental cars. People renting cars have little concern for the well being of the vehicle as they are renting it and treat them accordingly. I also have little faith in the rental company’s maintenance schedule, even though it is in their best interest.

      With the new car market being what it is right now, I would imagine there are some of incentives on new Mazda5s which would lower the price delta between new and off rental. Based on a quick search on seems like the savings are about $5,000, which is significant but you are already what, 75% through the warranty? Not sure that, given the interest rates in new sales, that it is worth it. For me, I don’t think it is.

  3. Garry

    With all the seats up there’s less trunk space, but not ‘none’. I can easily do the grocery shopping for 2 people and put it in the back with all the seats up. We’ve loaded ours with 4 women and their luggage, plus me (a guy) so we had one rear seat down, and it was fine. I rode in the back for 2 hours, it wasn’t wonderful, but it wasn’t bad either. I have back problems, and I wasn’t hurting when I got out.

    We have a 135 pound Bullmastiff. That’s definitely an ‘all-seats-down’ situation, he pretty much takes up the whole back of the car. The low step through the sliding side door makes it very easy for him to get in and out. That was the whole reason we bought the car. We got an ’06 when they first came out (in the U.S.) and we’ve been very happy with it.

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