Friday… oh friday…

Friday is here … and I am excited, but I have such a busy weekend that its importance is dulled. I have an autox tomorrow that I don’t think I will drive in. I may, but I don’t think I will… the car isn’t feeling perfect, and I don’t want to break it. I will likely put one or 2 runs in just to get a time on the board so I can atleast get SOME points… I would still like to remain competitive for the season in the points standing.

So Rebecca and I are planning on going for a walk this evening… which will be nice, I feel like I don’t exercise at all. I did walk to work most of the day’s last week…

Then we are hanging out doing something saturday night… and on Sunday we are moving all the crap from the old garage to the new garage. It will suck, but it will be really nice to have the new garage up and running… I would rather go there than the old one in skokie. So THAT day will suck.

Then a full week of work, then (hopefully) a 4 day weekend for the 4th. that will be nice.

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