F1 Teams Need To Grow Up

So I was expecting a HUGE amount of traffic driving through indy… but as we were coming northbound 100miles out of indy, I saw countless REALLY nice cars driving southbound… confused, since I knew my roommate was at the race and I knew it shouldn’t have been over already… as I got to indy, I skipped the 465 bypass and went straight up 65… I was expecting a HUGE traffic jam where 465 merged back in. Heck, the electric signboards all promised it would be horrible… turns out I didn’t even have to turn off the cruise control…

so when I got home, I asked my roommate what happened, since I knew SOMETHING did… and he explained it as this…

Michelin brought a tire compound that couldn’t handle the track. Michelin realized this friday in practice, due in part to the blowouts by the toyota cars. Michelin couldn’t get new tires to the track in time for all the teams. FIA granted tire changing options to the michelin teams w/o penalty. They wanted a chicane added to the track… on the day before race day. I don’t see how that is fair or a good idea or even possible. So the michelin teams all boycotted.

Seems to me Michelin screwed up. How could they not know this or be prepared for it? MAJOR issue there. I agree this is the first time on the oval with the single tire rule, but still. Also seems to me that the michelin teams were all EXTREMELY poor at handling this. They should have atleast run a lap. Hell, they would have gotten 1 point! They should have run the race and done tire swaps. It was declared legal and we all know they can swap tires faster than fueling. But instead they boycotted. They aren’t owning up to their own responsibility of tire choice. Sucks that their supplier screwed up. But they could have run. They decided to make a big deal out of it. Like the FIA should have changed the track to accomodate their problem? As a friend said, if Tim Duncan’s Nikes caused him to run slower upcourt, does the NBA shorten the court?

It was a poor showing by all the teams involved. It has potentially huge ramifications for F1 in the US. Michelin may be in big trouble over this one.

But still, all the teams: Babies.

edit… Even the FIA agrees… /edit

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