So the audi was supposed to be emission tested in april… but at the time, I didn’t have a working transmission, so I filled out the form and said the car wasn’t operational, etc. They rescheduled me to august… And I was still putting it off. In IL, if you have a 1996 or newer and have a check engine light, you automatically fail. Since the 2001 Audi A4 is a ULEV vehicle, the cat and it’s efficiency are checked pretty hard. I have a high flow cat in there that throws off that reading. I am sure that the car is still well below the state limits, I usually have a CEL all the time for the cat.

About 6 weeks ago, I reset the CEL with the stalk and it hadn’t come back on yet. I hadn’t been driving it much, but still, it was off. Saturday morning I was supposed to pick up Dylan and some concrete to work on the house… on the way out I decided I would drive past the emissions place, fingers crossed the CEL came off. Since Russ had said that the cat is not checked at WOT (and that had been proven at track events), and the car wasn’t all warm, I drove it hard to the emissions place. Pulled in, line was really short, and I was out in 10 min. with a nice sheet saying I passed. Score. Avoided for another 2 years.

The jetta is up for testing this month. And I am pretty sure it won’t pass, since it has a freaking beer can on the exhaust and they actually CHECK the exhaust. Gotta fill that form out and tell them it will be ready in the spring. The new motor should pass fine.

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