Christmas Weekend…

Man, it is over… talk about a long weekend… We stayed in friday, which should have been nice, but it wasn’t really.

Saturday was my family party, so we were at my parents house from like 2 to 11 or so. I was fun. Pics. It was nice. That is my cousins’ kid, Elise. She is a cutie. Mason was well behaved. We got a bunch of fiestaware for the house, which is nice. We also got a kelty baby carrier backpack hiking thing, which is gonna be super dope once Mason can hold his head up better, like this summer.

Rebecca and I opened presents saturday night/sunday early AM. It was nice. The presents all went over well. Bluetooth earpeice, clothes, a nice skillet thing for making pancakes, etc. It was cool. Pics.

Sunday AM Rebecca’s family came over early and we opened family presents. Also quite nice. I got a set of Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks II, but I am not sure if I am gonna return them or not, not sure where we are gonna put them… But it was nice. Pics

Then we headed over to Tim and Joyce’s house for the Dugan Family christmas… it was nice, big group. Mason and Harrison were funny together, check the pics. It was nice. Pics

Then we went back to our house and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD, made popcorn and beans and rice and it was nice. Albeit a long day.

Monday we slept in a bit, made corn muffins, and headed over to Rob’s for her holiday party. It was nice and small and chill, which is my style. We hung out, met new people, and ate chili. It was nice. Then we drove out the burbs to drop Mason at the grandparents’ house and went out to see King Kong. See the review elsewhere. Another night where we didn’t get home until late.

So overall, it was a nice weekend, but I feel like I need a vacation from our short holiday 4 day weekend. And this weekend isn’t going to be much quieter. And I have a lot of stuff I need to finish before the boss gets back into town. We are going out to dinner with Rebecca’s family again tonight. So maybe tomorrow night I won’t have anything to do?

Ah…. being busy.

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