It has been a time since my last post… so lets cover a few key points I have in my head…

Frozen strawberries are really good. a great snack. The ones from costco are really nice.

The internet is great. It is really nice to be able to look up random things on a whim and get all the information so quickly.

On that note, anyone notice that Isuzu no longer makes any vehicles in the US market aside from commercial trucks? They only sell rebadged GM products. They still sell trucks in other markets, namely asia, but nothing here in the US.

I hate it when people complain about a product that doesn’t do something it wasn’t designed for. Like they didn’t learn about the product, then they get it, and they are all mad that it doesn’t do what they think it should do. OK.

We watched TLC last night and leared about a couple really overweight people. Like over 1,000lbs people. it is messed up. talk about overweight. Worth watching if you catch it on TLC.

The bush administration/republican party is scarier and scarier with each passing day. That doesn’t surprise me. I am amazed though that the public seems to think it is ok and they still like him. I am not sure what is scarier.

I built a linux box for the house. It was pretty easy and I learned new things, which was nice.

Mason is still doing great.

I need sleep.

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