So I was doing some side IT work for a gentleman in my office building whom I have done work for for a couple years, although never much more than a couple hours here and there. So yesterday I was setting up his new wireless network and I was showing off pictures of Mason from my fotki and he commented on the fact that some of the pics were taken with a Canon 20D, and he was impressed that I had a 20D. I explained how it was a friends, and that I was looking to buy a Digital SLR but hadn’t decided on it, money, etc.

He responded that he wanted to upgrade from his Canon Digital Rebel (300D) to a Canon 5D and was I interested in purchasing his old on, since we was gonna put it on eBay… We worked it out that I traded both previously done work not yet invoiced and a little bit of work in the future for the camera. Since I hadn’t invoiced him in nearly a year, it was not in the for front of my mind and thus I had forgotten about it, so it was like a free camera to me!

The Canon Digital Rebel (300D) has gotten great reviews over time and is a solid little camera. The kit lens is an 18-55, which is ok, although a bit slow. I will likely pick up a lens or two in the future, but it is fine for now. I ordered a 2gb card and a card reader which should arrive next week.

So I got a great camera for little out of pocket, and I now get to take more pics and I finally get the control that I so missed when I switched from film SLRs. Depth of field is cool. I am very excited. I have already started taking more pics of Mason, but I haven’t really sat down and taken anything really good yet… You know I will get more car pics too…

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