Bunch of savages in this town

Someone broke into the camry last night… broke the driver side window and climbed in… the only thing they stole as far as I can tell is the suction cup and clip for the GPS. I assume that they saw the GPS clip and assumed the navigation unit was actually in the car… they opened the glove box and the center console, but since we keep the unit itself in the house. They didn’t take the CDs, the V1, iPass, not even the change sitting out. We might find more missing, but I don’t see it now.

It is annoying though. I cleaned the glass up and put the camry in the garage. I’ll run to the glass store tomorrow and see if I can’t get a piece cheap and swap it in. Annoying, but such is life in the city I guess.

*update* … new glass is $80 from pilsen auto glass, so I will pick that up tomorrow AM and swap the glass and be done.

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