back in the saddle…

So we had an autox on saturday… while I thought the weather was going to suck, the clouds and rain kept the temps down. it was very nice. The computer timing went perfect. This was the first time this season that I have actually drove MY audi at an autox. It was kinda of nice to get back in the groove. It was also nice to get back in and kick some ass. You can see the results here. I was the fastest Audi, and only lost to the likes of a viper, miata, STI, etc. Not bad company. It was nice to prove to both myself and the rest of the group that I wasn’t that rusty. Sometimes it is really nice to win.

Even though it was hot as hell today in Chicago, we moved a bunch of stuff into the new house. Thanks mom, dad, and kevin. I still need to get my stuff packed and ready to go, but nearly all of rebecca’s stuff is over there. It is nice to know we have it in the place.

We also went to the place to get the hardwood. Mind you, the price is really really good, and so there is some ‘too good to be true’ kind of thoughts going on, but I should know more tomorrow when they call me. Hopefully I will have the flooring before the weekend. It will be really nice to get that in the house and we can finish the move.

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  1. Michael

    Dude, what was with all the mustangs? And why was the cobra like in dead last? I guess I should have gone so that good mustang driver could have had some company.

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