Back at work…

So I am back at work today, feeling a bit better, but far from perfect. I think I need to run to CVS and grab some more sudafed knock offs and kleenex. Plus I got a check from Kieran and I am getting one from another project on saturday, so I actually have a bit of cash (and this friday is payday!).

Rebecca is feeling a bit better too, although she isn’t thrilled that I am going to the garage again tonight to work on the jetta… but the jetta is SO close… check the jetta blog for more on that.

So back to work… feeling ok, but not awesome. This is going to be a long weekend, autox on saturday, and moving the garage on sunday. Ugh. I am really hoping that the july 1-4th weekend comes together and I have time to relax.

Oh, and I am an idiot and left the interior light on in the Audi last night, and since I got home late, I parked down the block… so I had to go to the car, realize the battery was low, go back home, get the camry and jumper cables, go BACK to the audi, jump it, put the camry back, etc… it was a great way to start the morning… but I did get into the office right before the rain hit though, so it wasn’t all bad…

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