back at work… (obligatory weekend recap)

the weekend was nice… But this is a long post so read on. Brief recap: Scott’s birthday, projector, video games, prenatal appt., baby registry, fireworks…

friday night Rebecca, Robs, Scott, and I all went out for sushi for scott’s birthday. (pics). Food was good, as were the drinks. We then headed over to Tantrum for more drinks. Eric L. came out, but me and the ladies retired early and scott and eric continued on…

Saturday I did laundry and cleaning and other boring household crap. I dropped rebecca off at the metra and I DID pick up my projector though… as fedex left it at my office after I left on friday… I is very nice. We put it in place of michael’s and it is brighter and a bit more crisp… I can’t complain by any means. We can use it with many of the lights on. I had to test it by playing GT4 you know, just to make sure it worked. It seems to be ok, more testing required. (We did surpass 50% completion though).

We also had a prenatal appointment with Caroline and Jaren saturday afternoon in the burbs. We went to rebecca’s folks house, had tacos. I like tacos. They were good. I need to do that more often. The prenatal appointment went well, heart beat is all good. We also talked lots about doctors, etc with them and it was a great chance for rebecca’s folks to get their questions answered about how this is all gonna go down. Baby is doing well, we can feel it moving and kicking nearly every day now. It is pretty dope.

We drove the audi a lot this weekend and it is kinda annoying that the AC is broken… but what can you do… grrr. Stupid part is $1097 from the dealer. Bastards.

Sunday was again stay in and lazy. It was nice. I can’t complain. We watched Haute Tension on DVD… it was kinda weird. More horror than thriller, but I thought it was good. All the shots are really dark. Kinda creepy. But I enjoyed it. Rebecca didn’t, and the baby was moving around alot. That was interesting.

Monday we went out to my parents place and rebecca’s parents met us up there. We went over to Babies ‘R’ Us and registered for the baby showers. Picking out baby stuff is fun. We picked out a bunch of stuff. You can see the stuff here. You should all buy us stuff.

We BBQed a bit after the torrential downpour that came through and then watched the fireworks. The rain was great, I love big rain. Anything red on doppler is good by me. The BBQ was good (go fake hotdogs!). The fireworks were launched from the other side of the lake due to fire concerns with all the dry stuff, which turned out to be a non-issuee due to the rain… but because of that it was slightly less than perfect, but not bad at all.

I was walking around the house before dinner and was looking at Kevin’s car… and noticed a tire was low… and upon closer inspection, had been driven SO low for SO long that it had actually cracked the rubber on the sidewall and was likely to become a big problem REALLY soon… so we swapped his spare… Then came the revisit to the question of does kevin need rims… honestly, I want to push the rim thing cause I want him to get more into the car. But he has destroyed nearly EVERY RIM HE HAS EVER HAD, so I am not sure that is a good idea overall. We’ll see.

So overall, very nice weekend. I didn’t get any packing done, but I’ll deal with that later. I didn’t get any flooring or paint picked out, but I’ll get that done later. I guess.

back to work…

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