Ah friends…

Chad was in town today for all of … 12 hours or something… He had a zefer reunion thing last night… we were all able to grab breakfast this AM though… me, chad, bob, lisa, bob’s brother Joe, and fellow Ex-zefer jeff. It was nice to see everyone again. It was a nice group. It is nice to see old friends and hang out. Then I drove Chad to the airport and we chatted. He is a good guy. We differ on a few points, but overall, a great guy.

We ate at Flying Saucer, on California south of Division. It was really good. Way Veggie. Rebecca and I will need to go back.

I drove the jetta around all morning and to the airport and shit. It is a fun car, and I will be happy when I have it all done. I enjoy driving it. I will enjoy it more when I fix the things that are broken, but man, it is a fun little car.

The weather is super nice. I turned off the AC and opened all the windows. Cosby is thrilled. I set up all the accounts and bill pay stuff at washington mutual’s site. Now I gotta go get working on the basement. I need that floor done so we feel more moved in.

It will be nice…

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