Took the bike to work…

So my parts came thursday… I managed to scuff the tube enough to give it a tiny leak… So on saturday I ended up at Rapid Transit on north for a tube and to ask a few single speed/fixie questions. I was asking about a flip flop hub so I could run both fixed and single gear… they recommended the White Industries Eccentric Hub, which would be cool cause I could use it on any frame (since this frame isn’t the best). The nice thing about that hub is it works with both vertical and horizontal dropouts, so when upgrade I am good to go…

So sunday morning, I put the new tires on, pulled all the derailers off, picked a gear, and turns out the combination I chose already lined up decently well. I chose a gear setup that is a bit hard, but I am ok with that. I also chopped the handlebars a bit, so it is a narrower ride.

This morning, I pulled it out, put the helmet on, and headed to work. I left a bit earlier than usual, and needless to say I was quicker than the bus. Honestly, I felt like I was super fast. Granted, it is a 2.2 mile ride, so nothing too hard. But I really can tell how much faster this bike is over my full suspension Gary Fisher.

I think the gearing MIGHT be a bit hard, but I think I’ll keep it for now. Also, on the way here, in the last 2 blocks, I was getting some noise… I think that the rear wheel might have slipped a bit in the rear, thus throwing off the the chainline. When I got to the office and put it in our storage unit, I played around a bit and it was about to fall to the lower gear in the rear. I’ll check it before I leave work today.

Eventually, the plan is to get that hub… but in the shorter term, I think I will get a BMX rear gear (vs. a the cassette gear I am using now) so the chain won’t be as likely to slip off. I would also like to swap the front to a single too (not too hard I don’t think).

I am also not in love with the brakes. I am willing to bet that I just need to replace the cables. But then again, swapping to some V-brakes would be a nice upgrade… but I am trying to not dump money into it.

Check my previous post for more on the project…

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  1. James Mann

    I realize this is an old post, but if you have the time, I’d like to hear how this project turned out. I have the same Fila Pepsi mountain bike. I converted it to a fixed gear about a month ago and I love it. I picked it up at a thrift store for $10 and it ended up being the funnest bike I’ve ever owned.

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