Building a Bike

So I have been walking to work a lot lately, and I was thinking I should cycle there instead. My current bike is a full suspension Gary Fisher Joshua. It is great, but makes for a shitty commuter due to the knobby tires and the 2 springs.

I had been toying with the idea of buying a road bike, but I didn’t want to spend the cash. I also kinda wanted a bike I could mod and mess around with, and I have wanted to go single speed for a while. Then a couple weeks ago, as if on cue, the makezine weekend project was build a single speed bike. Awesome.

The next week, I was up at my parents house and I noticed an older mountain bike that I had there. The ‘Drink Pepsi Get Stuff’ Fila Mountain Bike (“Rugged. All-terrain. Exclusively for Pepsi.”) that I got years ago for ~$30. That would make a great staring point.

My dad brought it down last week when they came to visit mason and rebecca, so now it is in the garage. I ordered up some slicks for it, which should arrive thursday. I got some free time over the weekend, so I will swap the tires. Perhaps I will swap to a single speed as well.

I also bought a set of drop handle bars, but I am not sure the my frame is a good match for those on the fila frame.

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