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Day 1….

So we flew into oakland without issue... we got to the airport early, had some food, and got on the plane... all the preboarders with kids sat around each other, (southwest) and for the most part, all the kids were good. Mason was fine for the most part... he ate and napped... all went well... all of our luggage made it too...

We went to get our rental car, which we reserved as a midsize... we ended up with a black> dodge magnum since they were all out... which is cool, cause I had wanted to check that car out... it is ok... the interior blows... the V6 isn't that impressive... and while the paint is a nice color, it isn't awesome quality... The shifter surround looks like it came out of a car from a 70's american car... all chrome'd plastic... weird...

We left the oakland airport and got into a nice 3:30 pm friday afternoon san fran traffic pattern... which is to say we were going no where fast... although with Mason, we counted 3 people, so we did enjoy the car pool lanes... It did drive home the number of people on the road with 1 person per car. It is kinda insane. Like if everyone carpooled with 1 other person, traffic would effectively be halved. Sure you could argue that the carpooling would actually increase the number of miles put on a single car since dropping off/picking up would actually be slightly out of the way... so I will suggest traffic would be reduced by 40%, which would be a welcomed change...

So we started driving north... we ended up stopping in Pedaluma at a little mexican taquira we came across... it was pretty good, although my chile rellenos weren't the best I have ever had... we also were getting far enough away from san fran that we were no longer getting radio stations that well... so we decided that we were going to take advantage of the aux plug on the head unit and plug rebecca's new iPod in... so we stopped at the hardware store near the restaurant and checked, but no cable was there. We drove a bit north in town to find someplace else, and all we found of any potential was walmart. Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled, although they did have the wire, and rebecca got some food for mason, although I did put up a stink the entire time and complained a bunch about being in walmart. grrr.

Put it was nice to have music again... we kept driving north on highway 101 and ended up stopping for the night in ukiah, ca... we could have made it all night, but we decided to not bother.... we ended up at day's inn that was only so so... the room was about 109degrees when we got there... and by this point, mason was about 5 hours past his bedtime and you could tell, he was NOT happy.

I did run out to a gas station and grabbed something to drink... when the young guy asked for my ID for my credit card...

dude: IL, what are you doing out here?
me: visiting some friends up in arcata
dude: do they grow weed?
me: I dunno, she hasn't been up here that long, but I am sure she know's someone.
dude: I just say that cause everyone in arcata grows weed

word up, ok then.

It was hard to get mason to go to sleep... but he eventually went down.... and in such a small room, rebecca and I also had to go to sleep too...

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