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religion, tv, and the FCC…

the new hire over at the FCC was on the board of this group... which it seems has the goal of "...helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.". Gotta love it. Here is more on that one...

Why? Why do someone else's values on things need to be pushed onto others? Why does one group get called 'phobic' and another 'religious' when they both harbor the same intolerance? And why does this have to be pushed onto something that is both voluntary and costs money, IE basic cable? If I pay for cable, and it is not broadcast on the free, then I am making a conscience decision to bring that programming into my life. Not to mention nearly all cable providers now have some form of channel lock, etc to keep children off certain channels. While I have never used such things due to a lack of need, but I am sure that once I am a parent, I will totally have a set of channels for my child to watch.

I don't care if you or yours don't like it, that isn't your decision to make. So keep your 'religious values' out of my life.

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