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grumble grumble grumble…

so not that anything HORRIBLE is happening... but it is turning into an annoying day...

first... while attempting to repair my mom's iMac, I find that the hard drive is not readable. For those who don't know... her iMac was working fine... then half of the town lost their power. Then the power came back on, but her iMac won't work. I have tried everything, couldn't boot it up... Not that I have lost any of MY data, it is still frustrating... We got her a new iMac (20inch iMac G5) and it is very nice. Now she may start backing up on DVDs and this can be alleviated.

Then I stayed home waiting for the couch to be delivered. I cleaned the house a bit, organized stuff, etc. Got ready for the couch... they showed up around 1:20 or so, and low and behold the couch won't fit up the stairway. Damnit.

So I have a clean living room and a couch I like, just no way to get it up there. I have some thoughts on how to remedy this. It involves removing walls. We shall see.

So now I am at back at work... Get some shit done, then go check out a garage space with dylan tonight before my parents get into town...


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