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La Creperie…

So last night Rebecca and I went to dinner with robs and Scott at La Creperie on Clark across from Century City... We had been there a number of times before. I had the Rattitoulie or something crepe... and I guess, after having been there a number of times... I like it. But it isn't as good as I hope. I can't tell if it is a result of my preconceived notion a crepe is supposed to have strawberries on it... or that there isn't enough food for my growing body, or what... but it just isn't as good as I want it to be. The food is good. The patio is great. Good location. They have Orangina. But it just isn't amazing to me.

I need to learn how to make crepes. Can't be that hard. It would seem like I need a machine for that. I want one of those 2 sided gridles on a hinge like we had at Cornell for the grill cheese sandwiches or like chiptole has to make the tortillas warm. The new house has a nice big kitchen... perhaps I will investigate that...

But it was nice to see robs and Scott.

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